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Book Review: 8 Perfect Murders

Book Review: 8 Perfect Murders

Malcolm Kershaw, owner of the Old Devil’s Bookshop, a mystery bookstore in Boston, finds himself at the center of his own mystery.  Years earlier, he wrote a blog post describing 8 perfect murders that were ingenious plots from literary works.  On a cold winter day, FBI agent Mulvey appears at the bookstore –a series of recent murders seem to be mirroring the plots of the books from Malcolm’s list.  Are the murders connected?  Yes. Are they related to his long ago blog post? Yes. Is he a suspect? Definitely.

8 Perfect Murders itself is a list of a classic mysteries, an homage to the best of the genre. Be warned, though, there are plot spoilers to the books on the list and hints about a few others. This book reminded me, though, why I love so many older mysteries.

There are dozens of holds on this book, but you can listen to it on Hoopla right away with no wait time!

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