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Film Review Bits - 2000s' Sci-fi

Minority Report

Released 2002

Director Steven Spielberg brought his A-game to this cerebral, visually stunning, sci-fi thriller. Despite what one may think of him personally, Tom Cruise will remind you why he was once a huge star of the silver screen.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Released 2003

At the time of its release it was thought to be a disappointment, but I've always felt that that was an unfair assessment because it followed and was compared to 'Terminator 2,' which was and still is widely regarded as one of the best action and sci-fi films ever made. As a stand-alone film, 'T3' is an exceptional action movie and a solid film in general. It's not as thought provoking or optimistic as its predecessors, but it is a well crafted and highly entertaining film.


Released 2008

Years after 'The Blair Witch Project' introduced mainstream audiences to the found footage film and a year before ‘Paranormal Activity’ paved the way for a brief return to the subgenre, J.J. Abrams produced the sci-fi horror gem 'Cloverfield'. In the wake of cell phone cameras and easily accessible portable home camcorders, a gritty cinematic approach to movie making was born.

By the 2020s the visuals in 'Cloverfield' are definitely rough, but the lo-fi aesthetic and limited camera movement ground this film more-so than the characters, The camera work only adds mystery and tension to an already unnerving atmosphere. The clever and well executed narrative makes up and for the films shortfalls in character.

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