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Film Review Bits - 2010s' Horror


Released 2011

From director James Wan, who brought us the gore-ror classic Saw and solidified himself as a premier horror director with The Conjuring, gives audiences a haunted house fright-fest that will actually get under your skin. '

Insidious' s taut script offers plenty of surprises as well as emotional depth often lacking in this brand of spook film. I also can’t talk about a James Wan film without also complimenting his skilled cinematographers David M. Brewer and John r. Leonetti who have a distinct visual flare. I also have to acknowledge Insidious's superb score by Joseph Bishara as well which takes inspiration from Bernard Herman's classic score from 'Psycho.


Released 2016

Hush' is a genuinely thrilling and creative home-invasion horror film with one of the most original concepts I've seen in a while, a stalker stalks a deaf writer. The spectacular sound design creates dramatic tension that is rivaled only by films like 'A Quiet Place'. Writer/Director Mike Flannigan, who's most recent work is the popular Netflix series Midnight Mass, has proven time and time again his masterful skill as a horror director.

Train to Buscan

Released 2016

Train to Buscan is a brilliantly directed and relentless Zombie Thriller. The script's ingenuity constantly keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat (quite literally, I may or may not have fallen out of my chair watching this film) and exemplifies why the film stands out in the glut of zombie films.

The Babysitter

Released 2017

Samara Weaving has a breakout performance in this over-the-top horror comedy with as much viscera as it has gut-busting laughs.

If you're looking for a spook-fest this Halloween season, there is a wide array of horror films, including those from the 2010s, available to check out at The Brown Deer Public Library.

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