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'Matilda: The Musical' A Review

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

'Matilda the Musical' is a fresh and exciting take on Roald Dahls novel by the same name. The music is energetic and fantastic. The dance and choreography are fun and kinetic.

Alisha Wier, who plays the prodigal Matilda, is an acting prodigy herself bringing plenty of fire, energy, and most importantly sympathy to the role of the titular character. Emma Thompson, who portrays the dictatorial headmistress, Trenchbull, plays bad so well. Hats off to the make-up department who made Thompson look every bit as scummy, surly, and intimidating as her character.

The production design is something spectacular. The vibrant color palette and bold earthy architecture provide the perfect contrasting feast for the eyes. They also reflect the motif permeating the narrative which is the clash of childlike wonder that exists combatant with an oppressive school system.

'Matilda: The Musical' is a superbly written, nimbly paced, and over-all phenomenal musical experience.


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