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Surprise Craftertunity! : 3 Ear Savers! (part 2)

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

In case you lost your directions or missed out on a kit, we have you covered. In this series, we will be showcasing past projects, in particular those that were originally released as Surprise Craftertunity kits at the library. So get ready to grab some spare materials and start crafting!


Ear Savers Done Three Ways

At this point most of you have had to wear a mask long enough that your ears start hurting. These ear savers are designed to help keep from your ears from feeling like they might just detach from your head at a moment's notice. In this set, you will find options for fabric, felt, or crochet savers. Hopefully we won't have to stay masked too much longer. But just in case and until then, these might make the time seem a little more bearable.

In the last post, we showed you how to make a fabric ear saver. This post we'll show you felt. This is probably the easiest of the three patterns.

Pattern 2:

Felt Ear Savers


  • 2mm thick felt (or two layers of 1mm felt sewn together to prevent stretching)

  • 2 buttons (larger than 1/2" if possible)

  • needle and thread

  • scissors or rotary cutter

  • pattern template


  1. Using the template (the image below, printed as a full page), cut your felt. For instructions on sizing, see fabric ear savers instructions. If using 1mm felt instead of 2mm, cut 2 pieces and sew together along their outside edge. Running or blanket stitches work best. Tie off and tuck in threads.

  2. Use a needle and thread to sew on the buttons to each end of the felt ear saver.

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