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Surprise Craftertunity: Craftstick Ski Ornament

In case you lost your directions or missed out on a kit, we have you covered. In this series, we will be showcasing past projects, in particular those that were originally released as Surprise Craftertunity kits at the library. So get ready to grab some spare materials and start crafting!


Ski & Ski Pole



  • Craft Sticks (4.5"x 0.375")

  • Toothpicks &/or Skewers

  • Dark Felt

  • Thin ribbon &/or twine

  • Scissors

  • Paint - red, white & brown

  • Wood, Craft, or Hot Glue

  • Paintbrush

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Sandpaper


  • 2 Snaps

  • Bells

  • Fake Greenery

  • Glue Gun


  1. Cut two craft sticks down to 3.5" each. If using two skewers for the ski poles, then do the same to them. Sand any rough edges.

  2. Cut 2 squares of felt at 0.75" and 2 squares of felt at 0.5".

  3. Paint the skewers brown.

  4. Poke a skewer through the center of one of the smaller felt squares and glue it about 0.5" down. Trim the corners to create a circle & repeat this with the other skewer.

  5. Roll and glue the larger two felt squares to the other ends.

  6. Paint the craft sticks red and add any desired designs (the original craft creator painted stripes and snowflakes)

  7. Add glue to the center of the sticks & create an x. Repeat this with the skewers. Then glue the two "X"s together.

  8. Tie string/twine/ribbon around the middle of the sticks & skewers. Then add a bow.

  9. Glue string/twine/ribbon to the top (backs) of the sticks to finish your ornament off.


  • Use toothpicks instead of skewers. At that point, you don't really need to trim down the toothpicks as you would the skewers.

  • Glue on snaps at the base of your toothpick/skewer ski poles instead of felt circles.

  • Add a bell or two &/or some fake greenery to your ribbon in the center to add a little extra holiday appeal.

  • Instead of wrapping felt squares around the top of your "ski pole," attach a thin loop of felt around the top as "wrist bands" instead of "grips"

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