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'The Matrix' A Review

The '90s mind-bending Sci-fi classic permeated culture so far that even today audiences still see 'The Matrix' influence in all things media. On the off chance you haven't seen it, do so immediately. If you've seen it before, watch it again.

'The Matrix' is known for its ground breaking visual effects as well as introducing mainstream America to cinematic styles that were more unique to the Cinema of Japan. The stunning visuals are a match only for the thought provoking themes and sublime storytelling.

Although all the actors embody their characters well in this fantastic ensemble, Laurence Fishbourne is arguably the standout as his role as Morpheus who’s character guides those from the matrix into the real world. Fishbourne fashioned a unique articulation for his character and he imbues the screen with a Shakespearean stage presence. Hugo Weaving also stole scenes with his biting performance as the main antagonist, Agent Smith.

‘The Matrix’ soundtrack is the quintessence of cyber punk and perfectly demonstrative of a soundtrack implemented so well that it elevates the film.

Even today ‘The Matrix’ holds up as an iconic piece of cinema and a zeitgeist for the 90s' .


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