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Writing Prompts to Get You Started #36

Welcome to the place that is dedicated to getting you writing (again?). Maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start but have always wanted to try being a writer. Maybe you want to write the great American novel or you thought you'd write a poem about hidden life of a grain of sand. Maybe you just need a little inspiration to get you started or you find yourself just a little stuck. Maybe you find yourself trying to break out of your comfort zone or mix things up at work. Whatever your reason for landing here, practicing a little creativity can impact your life in ways you didn't expect.

But let's be honest. Creativity is a muscle and it needs exercise to work properly. That's where this series comes in. With any luck, this series will get your creative juices flowing and get you thinking in ways you hadn't before. Throughout the summer, we posted a couple of prompts every week. We cut back a little during the school year but will attempt to post at least one prompt a month. If you are interested in more, not only are there prompt sites online, we also have a prompt booklet you can get from us and enough creative people on staff to maybe come up with an idea you can run with if you come in and ask.


As we get more completely into the summer months, the call to adventure can be quite tempting... as can the call to solitude once we've sated our wild side. The following prompt will hopefully help you to explore a little of both.

Set in the mountains, we are placed in someplace remote. This can be both a sense of calm, of serenity, or of adventure. We have no one around to bother or annoy, fewer modern conveniences to distract, but at the same time if something happens... that twist can turn an idyllic trek into the outdoors into a harrowing adventure. The pleasure of the remoteness can just as easily spring a trap. A sleepy day turned from daydream into nightmare. Man vs nature, Man vs man, Man vs the unexpected or unexpectedly challenging. Whatever you pick, you have here a chance to explore a new realm of your imagination. Have fun.

So here's your prompt: Your character runs an inn for resting mountaineers. It’s a calm life, until they encounter a twist of fate.

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