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Surprise Craftertunities: Heart Garland

In case you lost your directions or missed out on a kit, we have you covered. In this series, we will be showcasing past projects, in particular those that were originally released as Surprise Craftertunity kits at the library. So get ready to grab some spare materials and start crafting!


Heart Garland


  • Cardboard (stiff or corrugated)

  • Scissors/Craft Knife

  • Yarn

  • Heart Template


  1. If you haven't already, create a heart template slightly smaller than you wish your finished heart pieces to be. Cut it out and trace around it on your cardboard for as many hearts as you desire. These will be the center of your heart that shapes it.

  2. Cut the hearts out and cut a small slit down the top of the heart, just big enough to catch and hold the yarn.

  3. Start wrapping the yarn around each cardboard heart every which way until there is no more cardboard visible. Cut the yarn off and tuck the end in the back.

  4. You will have to either create a loop with which to hang your heart and attach that to the back, in which case you will thread it through the back and then tie the two ends together, maneuvering the knot around until it rested inside the heart, out of view, or simply threading your finished strand through the back of each heart ad letting them be flush with the strand.

  5. You are done. Enjoy your festive decoration!

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